Conferences Participated

Name of the Faculty Members  Regional /National/                    International  Title of the Conference/Seminar/|Workshop and Venue  Date on Which participated  Details of the paper presented / Participated 
Dr. N. Vijayalakshmi  National  Restructuring Teacher Education Curriculum for Emerging Needs- Alagappa University 08 & 09 March 2010  Presented 
  National  Education for socialy & Economically Deprived - Pondicherry University 12 & 13 March 2010  Presented 
  Regional National Curriculum Frame work for Teacher Education - Madurai Kamaraj University  15 &16 July 2010 Participated
  Regional Innovations and Instructional Strategies  15 &16 Dec  2010 Participated
  Regional  Emotional Intelligence - St. Charles College of Education 18 Dec. 2010 Participated
  National  New Challenges in Teachers Education - Subham College of Education, Mathuranangam 27 & 28 Jan 2011 Presented 
  National  Emotional Intelligence  in Teaching Learning process -NMSSVN College of Edcuation , Madurai  05-Feb-11 Presented 
  National  Paradigm shift in Education in the present scenerio- Mother Teresa Womens University  19 & 20 Feb 2011 Presented 
  Regional Objective Measurementand   Reporting  - Mother Teresa women University 20-Feb-11 Participated
  National  Key Concern and issues in Remidial Teaching - Annamalai University  21 & 22 March 2011 Presented 
  Regional  Action Research for Teachers in B.Ed Colleges Centre for Education Research - Madurai Kamaraj University 22 & 23 Sep 2011  Participated
  National  Teacher Education in the 21st century : Chances & choices - Gandhigramam Roral Institute - Deemed University 10 & 11 Feb 2012 Presented 
  National  Value Orinted Education - MVMCA college of Education, Dindugal 18-Feb-12 Presented 
  International Education panacea for human confilict management - Annamalai University  24 & 25 Feb 2012 Presented 
  Regional  Key Concerns in Teacher Education - MTW University and RC College of Education - Theni 28-Apr-12 Presented 
  National  Enhancing the Teaching skills - St. Aloysisus college of Education , Theni  24 & 25 Jan 2014 Presented 
  International Impact of Globalisation on higher Education - St. Xaviers college of Education , Pallayamkottai  27 & 28 Jan 2014 Presented 
  International Approches in building effective communication skills for teachers in the present Scenerio - Arrasan Ganeshan college of perceptors - Sivakasi. 09-May-14 Participated
  International Empowering youth in higher education to compact social inequlities - St Justins college of Education , Madurai  25 & 26 Sep 2014 Presented 
    Training in Human Rights for Teacher Educators  19 & 21 Oct  2015 Participated
  National  Educational Practices in Chola Kingdom (850-1279 AD) EPICK-2016 6 & 7 Oct 2016 Presented 
  National  Human Rights Education  21 & 22 Sep 2017 Presented 
  National  IMPARTING HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION 21 & 22 Sep 2017 Presented 
  Regional nre;jkpo; fiy rpw;gp  30-Sep-17 Participated
  Regional  Internet in Education  30-Sep-17 Participated
  National  Impetus of Reciprocal Teaching in Quality Edcuation  01-Feb-18 Presented 
  International jkpopaypd; gazntsp 15.06.2018 Participated
  Regional  Online Submission of performance Appraisal Report of Teacher Education Institutions to NCTE: Challenges and Solutions  12.12.2019 Participated
  International BIO-DIVERSITY HOTSPOTS 21.02.2019 Presented 
G. Bhackiaraj National  Creation of ideas on eighteen Siddahrs Nadham 1st April 2009 Presented 
  National  Post Modernism   Presented 
  National  Bhakthi Literature and Siddhar Literature Mozhhinnadi 14-15th May 2011. Presented 
  National  The Worship of Nathas   Presented 
  National  Criticize tradition of Siddhar song 19-20 May 2012. Presented 
  National  Panar's Culture revealed in Ancient Tamil Society 2nd and 3rd of April 2016. Presented 
  National  Conflict resolution skill'  18th may 2016 Presented 
  International The Word 'knowledge' and its meaning in Sivavakkirar songs 26th, 27th, 29th Dec 2008. Presented 
  International Siddhars' Agavaya Parvai 1st August 2009 Presented 
  International Kalagakural Vellippadu in Siddhar's songs 6th January 2011. Presented 
  International Nadha Siddhars' Yogam 21 May 2011. Presented 
  International Tamilisai Marapu in Siddhar's songs 22nd March 2012 Presented 
  International Meiunarvu from the point of view of Siddhas 12th July 2013 Presented 
  International Epistemological History of Siddhars in the Discourse of Body and Mind 12th March 2014 Presented 
  International Theo-Concpet 10th March 2015 Presented 
  International 'Feminism in Siddhar Poetries'  19th Feb, 2016 Presented 
  International A Paper on 'E-learning 2nd April, 2016 Presented 
  International Relevance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib for interfaith understanding 8.3.2013 Participated
  International "Guru Granth Sahib and Tamil Religious Literature 28, 30 March 2007 Participated
  International Terecentenary of Gurusahib of Sri Guru Granth Sahib 17, 19, December 2008 Participated
  International Relevance of Gandhian Approach to promote Communal Harmony 27 March 2014. Participated
  International Need of Religious Harmony in the Present Scenario 28-Mar-14 Participated
  International Yoga and Peace 24, 25, March 2014. Participated
  International nrt;tpay; ,yf;fpaq;fspy; ,e;jpa nka;apay; gjpTfs; 22-24> [dthp> 2013. Participated
  International jkpowpQh; f. nts;isthuzdhh; mth;fspd; jkpo;g; gzpAk; rka> jj;Jtg; gzpAk;> 8 khh;r; 2014. Participated
  International nrt;tpay; jkpo; ,yf;fpaq;fspy; jj;JtKk; rkaKk; 4-6> khh;r; 2014.  Participated
  International jkpowpQUk; tof;fwpQUkhd fh. Rg;gpukzpagps;is mth;fspd; gilg;Gf;fSk; jpwdha;Tf; nfhs;iffSk; 7 khh;r;> 2014. Participated
  International nrt;tpay; jkpo; ,yf;fpaq;fs; $Wk; mwk; 14> 17> 18  khh;r; 2014. Participated
  International njhy;fhg;gpa nkhoptpsf;f kuGfSk; nkhopapaYk; 6.2.2013 – 15.2.2013. Participated
  International fpwpj;jt ehl;Lg;Gwg; gilg;Gfs; 22 khHr; 2016  Participated
  International kJiu fhkuhrH gy;fiyf;fofk;> rkaq;fs;> jj;Jtk; kw;Wk; kdpjNear; rpe;jidg; Gyj;jpd;  UGC-DRS-SAP (Phase – III)  29 kw;Wk; 30> khHr; 2016  Participated
P. Saranya  International The Role of Religious Literatures in the Bio Diversity conservation 21.02.2019 Presented 
  Regional Orientation programme for two year B.Ed programme 28.10.2017 Participated
  National  Paper presentation - Blended Learning  06 & 07 Feb 2017 Presented 
  Regional Workshop on Smart Teacher  9th May 2019 Participated
  National  Problems on Teaching and Learning in English Language    Participated
  Regional jkpopy; mwptpay; rpe;jidfs;    Participated
  Regional Orientation Course on the New Syllabus for the Two - year M.Ed Programme 29.09.2016 & 30.09.2016 Participated
  National  tuyhw;W tiutpay; Nehf;fpy; rkag; GdpjHfSk; kfhd;fSk;  29.03.2016 & 30.03.2016 Participated
M. Alangara Stella Ruby  National  Policy Perspectives on Quality Education     
  National  Education for Gobal Competence for an Inclusive world    
  Regional  ,izajs gad;ghl;by; jkpopd; gq;F    
S. Pushpa Regional  Next Gen Teaching Aids  22.07.2017 Participated
  Regional Orientation programme for two year B.Ed programme 28.10.2017 Participated
  Regional Developing Oral Fluency in English by Individual, pair and small group method of Teaching 19.01.2018 Participated
P. Sarumathi  Regional  New Syllabus for the two-year M.Ed programme   28 to 30.09.2016 Participated
  Regional Orientation programme for two year B.Ed programme 27.10.2017 & 28.10.2017 Participated
  International Inter Faith Reflections on Humanism, Ecology and Global Harmony  06.03.2018 Participated
  National  Multiculiural Issues Related to Education     
  International ehaf;fH fhyj;jpy; rpw;wpyf;fpaq;fs;    Participated
  International The Role of Religious Literatures in the Bio Diversity conservation 21.12.2019 Presented 
P. Viji National  Global Skills Enhancement programme Jun-07 Participated
  International Educational Values  19.02.2016 Presented 
V. Sengole Mary  Regional rq;ffhy jkpoupd; tzpf epiy   Participated
    The Effectiveness of Teachers in solving students social and Emotional Problems    Participated
    Soft Skills for Excellence in Teaching    Participated